Creating an Accounts Payable Tendering Code

Just as AccuPOS allows Account Receivable transactions at the Point of Sale, it allows customers to make payments to their account. Before this can be done, a Payment on Account tendering code must be set up.

NOTE: You must be running at least the Pro, Gold, Platinum or Elite versions to access Customer Tracking at the Point of Sale.

To set up a Payment on Account tendering code:

  1. Open the Tendering Setup window.

  2. Enter “Payment on Account” in the ‘Displayed Button Text’ and ‘What will print on receipt’ fields.

  3. Set the General Ledger Account to the same Accounts Receivable account that the Accounts Receivable tendering code is set to.

  4. Set the Type to Payment dropdown menu to Payment on Account.

  5. Set the Maximum Change Allowed to the maximum amount of payment to be taken in from the Point of Sale. There must be a setting in this field; leaving it blank will not allow Payments on Account to be taken at the Point of Sale.

  6. Click Add Tender when finished. The List of Current Tender Types window on the left should be updated with the new tender type.

    create payment-tender code accounts payable