Creating a Store Credit Tendering Code

AccuPOS can be configured to allow Store Credit to be given to customers in place of a cash refund. Before this tendering code can be set, a liability account for Store Credit transactions must be created inside your accounting software.

  1. Go to Manage Tendering Codes.

    create store credit tender type

  2. Enter Store Credit in the ‘Displayed Button Text’ and ‘What will print on receipt’ fields.

  3. Set the General Ledger Account a specified sales account in the accounting. In the example, we will be using Store Credit.

  4. Set the Type to Payment dropdown menu to Store Credit.

  5. Set the Maximum Change Allowed as the threshold of the refund. This would be the maximum amount that would be given back to the customer as change, and not store credit. In the example, any customer with $5.00 or less as store credit would be given back the balance as cash.

  6. Click Add Tender when finished. The List of Current Tender Types window on the left should be updated with the new tender type.