Item Button Setup

Setting up your item buttons is in many ways similar to the menu page setup.

Once you learn the basics, you should be able to add and edit your items quickly and easily.

1. Choose a Menu Page

First you will need to choose the page which you will set up the buttons on. This is done with the Page menu on the top right:

pos menu page select

2. Find the items you’ll need as buttons

Next you’ll need to find the actual items in your inventory list that you’ll make the buttons out of.

There are different ways to list out and view your inventory items.

Simply leave the Search box empty and click the Search button. This will list out your entire inventory, although you may find it difficult to find specific items. We suggest you use a refined search to find the items you need.

Type in relevant text into the Search box empty and click the Search button. This will list any items that match the searched text, with “coke” as an example below, which appears in the item description name (note the item description radio button is currently selected).

you can search for relevant text using item type or item code by selecting their respective radio buttons.

pos menu page select

3. Select the items you’ll need as buttons and bring them onto the page

Once you have your items listed, select the specific items you need to put onto the current page. There are a few convenient ways to select items:

Selecting Individual items
Select the items one-at-a-time

Selecting multiple consecutive items
If the items appear together in the list (like all the Root Beers below), select the top item, hold down the Shift key on your keyboard and select the bottom item. This will select both those items, and any items listed in between as well.

Selecting multiple items that are on different areas of the list
Select multiple items that are not next to each other by selecting one, then, while holding down the Ctrl key on your keyboard, select additional items anywhere on the list. This works the same in reverse if you need to deselect an item.

Selecting all the items listed
Click any item in the list, then press the Ctrl and A keys on your keyboard. All the items in the list window will be selected.

Drag the selected items into an open area in the button window.


pos items select

When items are initially dragged onto the item button area, their corresponding buttons will appear in a column and colored blue.

pos menu setup button placement

In some cases, your item names may be too large to fit the button, or you may wish to change color, etc. You may also wish to add in button labels to your POS screens, which are text areas that can help organize and label button sections.

We’ll go over these in the next section, editing item buttons.