Menu Pages Keys Setup

When laying out your POS menus, the first step is to set up your menu pages if you have not done so already.

Your menu pages are basically groups of general item types. Their names and layouts depend on your type of business and your personal preference.

Please keep in mind that you can set up as many menu pages as you would like, but a maximum of 14 will only be immediately available on the Menu Pages bar.

Additional menu pages can be set up on the pages among the item buttons (these are called sub-menu pages), thus an unlimited number of menu pages are possible.

If you need further assistance on the concept of menu pages, feel free to call our technical support staff.

Part 1: Defining Your Pages

First, let’s look at some typical examples for a retail store and a restaurant with a bar.

Example of typical set of menu pages for a general store.

This shows 7 different menus in the available 7 button slots:

general store pos menu keys example

Example of typical set of menu pages for a restaurant with a bar.

This shows 10 different menu buttons in the menu button rows, with an additional “Pizza” menu button available among the item buttons:

restaurant bar pos menu keys example

So before you create buttons for your menu pages, you’ll need to set up whichever menus you need in the ‘Page’ section on the top right:

To create a new menu page, click the dropdown and select *Create New.

menu page create new

The Edit Page menu will appear.

edit menu page

Simply type the name of the menu into the New Page Name field and select the Change Name button.

This will create a new Menu Page with that name. Make as many pages as you need and move on to the next step:

Part 2: Setting Up Buttons to match the Menu Pages

Now let’s make menu buttons that match the menu pages you’ve just set up.

To create a new menu button:

pos menu keys creation

  1. Left-click to create a new menu button- In any blank space on the top two rows, left click with your mouse. A new button will appear.

  2. Name the Pages- In the ‘Button Text’ box, type in the appropriate button name In this example, we’ll use Beverages.

  3. Button Type – Click the dropdown menu and choose Page.

  4. Page Name – Here you will select the page that will show when this button is clicked.

    The list of pages will come from the ‘Page’ section on the top right, where Pages can be created, edited and deleted. We’ll cover this more later on.

  5. Button Color – If desired, set the menu button’s color so it can be easily recognized. The button’s color will be outlined in blue on the palette.

  6. Button Size – The button can be expanded or shrunk vertically or horizontally.

    The width and height of your particular menu buttons will depend on how many pages you need (AccuPOS supports up to 14 menu pages).

    Keep in mind that if a button does not have enough room to expand the expand buttons will not be selectable, and if the button has reached its minimum height or width, the shrink buttons will not be available.

Selecting a button:
If a button needs editing, simply click it. It will have a yellow outline to show it is the currently selected button and its current settings will be shown.

Moving a button:
Simply click and hold the button and move it to the new desired location. The new location must have enough room to fit it in.

Once you’ve set up all your menu buttons you’re ready for the next section: setting up your menu items.