Loyalty Program

AccuPOS enables the option of having a customer loyalty program. AccuPOS will track for each customer in the system the items that they purchased, whether that customer can redeem a reward, or how many more items need to be purchased before a reward is available at any time from the Point of Sale.

Before you configure the Loyalty Program inside AccuPOS Management, the items that will be used in the loyalty program must be setup inside the accounting software with a specific TYPE.

For example, the items that will count towards the reward items may have a TYPE Loyalty and the reward items may have a TYPE called Reward. If there are TYPEs enabled for other functions, such as remote printing, be sure that the correct TYPEs are being using for the loyalty program.

Once that is set up, the Loyalty Program can be configured inside AccuPOS Management.

NOTE: You must be running at least the PLATINUM Version to access the Loyalty Program from AccuPOS.

To set up the Loyalty Program:

  1. Go to Manage Loyalty Program.

    customer loyalty program menu

  2. The Loyalty Program Setup window appears. In the left column (“Items Bought”), select the type that will be tracked by AccuPOS to trigger the loyalty reward, which will turn green when clicked. Then determine the type of reward: either quantity bought or amount spent (only one can apply). Then select a particular Reward Item (right column). In the below example, the customer receives one DVD per every six books they have purchased.

    pos customer loyalty program setup

  3. Additionally, multiple Items Bought can apply to a Reward Item. In the below example, if the customer spends $150 on any combination of Bakery, Chocolate Cake and Desserts, they get one complimentary Bakery item.

    loyalty amount screen

  4. Also, customers may be eligable for a variety of Reward Items. In the below example, if the customer buys 30 Chocolate Cakes, they have four choices for their reward item: a Bakery, Burger, Chocolate Cake or Dessert item.

    loyalty multi rewards

  5. In either column, clicking a selected item will deselect it. When you are finished, click Save & Close on the bottom right. You will be prompted to overwrite any previous loyalty rewards setting with your new selections. Clicking cancel will keep the previous setting.

    customer loyalty confirm

  6. AccuPOS will track the loyalty information for every customer entered at the Point of Sale. Once a customer reaches a point where they are eligible for a reward item, the Point of Sale will display a popup asking if the want to cash in on the reward. Also, viewing the customer list in AccuPOS at either the Management screen or the Point of Sale will show the last time a reward item was given to each customer, as well as how close each customer is to being eligible for another reward.