Alternate Taxes

AccuPOS allows the configuration of multiple taxes at the Point of Sale that only apply to certain items. For example, all alcohol is taxed at 5% and all food is taxed at 6%. AccuPOS will allow these items to have the appropriate tax applied to them when they are rung in at the Point of Sale.

IMPORTANT: with multiple taxes, all items at the Point of Sale will be charged all the taxing rates unless Alternate Taxes are configured inside AccuPOS Management. Before it can be configured in AccuPOS, all items inside accounting must be set up with their own unique type.

The type must match for those items that are going to be taxed the same. For more information on setting up types, please refer to your specific accounting inventory setup guide (Peachtree, QuickBooks).

To configure Alternate Taxes:

  1. Go to Setup Alternate Tax Rates.

    alternate taxes software screen

  2. The Add/Change Alternate Tax window. To add a new Alternate Tax, click the Add New button on the right. Select the tax’s Item Type and Tax Authority using the respective dropdown menus. The Rate number is a percentage.

    alternate taxes pos setup

  3. Add as many Alternate taxes and needed. To delete an alternate taxing rule, simply click the Remove button to its right.

Once the Alternate Taxes are set inside AccuPOS Management, the proper amount of tax will be applied at the Point of Sale for any particular item.