Creating Follow-On Items

Follow-on Items can be configured at the Point of Sale so that whenever a certain item is rung in, an additional item is automatically attached to the transaction. For example, the bottle deposit that is required whenever a bottled beverage is sold.

Rather than having the cashier ring in the bottled beverage and deposit fee separately, AccuPOS can ring in the deposit fee automatically whenever that particular bottled beverage is rung in. NOTE: You must be running either the Gold, Platinum or Elite versions of AccuPOS to use the Follow-on items feature at the Point of Sale.

To set up Follow-on items:

  1. In the items Management Screen (Manage > Items list in the dropdown menus), select the item from the list window and double-click the ‘No‘ in the Follow-ons column. You may need to use the scroll bar on the bottom of the window.

    follow on pos management

  2. The Follow-on Items window appears. Populate the follow-on list on the right by selecting items on the window on the left. You can as many follow on items as needed, and delete any others with its Remove button. You can also Search for follow-on items by filling in some of the item’s information in the search field in the top bar. The search can be classified by several criteria (Item ID, Description, etc), and be sure and hit Filter Resfresh for each new entry.

    follow on pos screen

  3. On the bottom left of the Follow-on window are the On Type / On Item and Ask Before buttons.

    The On Type button specifies the above Follow-on items to be activated for all items of that type. By pressing the On Type button, it changes to the On Item button which specifies the above Follow-on items to be activated for only that one particular selected item in the Items Management Screen.

    The Ask Before button prompts the user at the POS station to ask the customer if they would like to add the follow on itemto their purchase.

    follow on confirm

  4. Click Save & Close to go back to the Item Management Screen.

  5. For more information on Item types, please refer to your specific accounting Inventory Setup guide (Peachtree, QuickBooks).