POS Operator Messages

AccuPOS can be configured to have messages appear at the Point of Sale whenever a certain item type is sold. For example, whenever an alcoholic item is rung in at the Point of Sale, a message will appear reminding the cashier to check for ID. The can not be configured for individual items.

To set up Operator messages:

  1. In the Items Management Screen, select the item from the list window and double-click the ‘No‘ in the Operator Message column.

    management operator screen

  2. The Operator Message window appears. Type in what the message should say at the Point of Sale. Click Save & Close.

    operator message setup

  3. To delete an operator message, open up it’s dialog box again by clicking the Yes in the operator message column on the item management screen. Delete the message, then Save & Close

  4. Now whenever an item of that type is rung in at the Point of Sale (in this case, the Liquor type), the newly configured Operator Message will display at the Point of Sale.

    operator message confirm