Creating Training Database, Training Mode

The Point of Sale Training Mode allows you to ring in sales in real time without affecting the accounting information. This training mode can be accessed at any time from the Point of Sale statio by hitting Control + Alt + Shift + T. AccuPOS Management should be closed when running in training mode at the Point of Sale.

IMPORTANT: before training mode can be used, a duplicate training database must be created inside AccuPOS Management:

  1. In Management, go to File Create/Update Training DB.

    create pos training database

  2. You will receive a popup menu telling you that the training database has been created successfully. Click ‘OK‘.

    pos training database updated

  3. Open AccuPOS at the Point of Sale station and click Control + Alt + Shift + T on your keboard to enter training mode. If you do not have an attached keyboard, press Start on the bottom left of the POS screen and click All Programs, then go up to Accessories Accessibility On-Screen Keyboard. Then press Control, Alt, Shift, T (one at a time) on the keyboard that pops up.

  4. After you click ‘Yes’ on the confirmation message, the Point of Sale will automatically quit and you will have to restart the POS from the desktop. The POS will act just like it would as if real transactions were going on.

    pos training mode confirm

  5. Be sure not to accidently leave the POS in training mode once you are done. When using the training mode, the training mode status is indicated on the printed receipts with the notes *** RECEIPT NOT VALID *** and *** TRAINING MODE ***, and a yellow confirmation window appears on the POS as a reminder. You must click ‘OK‘ on each transaction.

    pos training mode warning

  6. To Exit training mode, once again use Control + Alt + Shift + T. After confirming the another dialog box, the Point of Sale will automatically quit and you will again have to restart the POS from the desktop.

  7. IMPORTANT: You should repeat the Create/Update process every time you update your database in order to keep the training mode up to date.