Receipt Printing

The Receipt Printing Menu is divided into three sections:

Company information that prints on the receipt (left section)
Customer Tracking information (middle section)
Email options (right section, not yet functional on AccuPOS 2013)

pos receipt printing setup

Company Information

The Company Information that prints on the receipt is fairly straightforward- any details entered will print at the top of your receipts.

At the very least you will probably want to enter your company name, city and state.

The Savings Message is a customizable short note that precedes the tallied discounts (if any) on a transaction, and will print out a message similar to “Today you saved $3.45”

Customer Tracking

If you track customers, you may wish to print their information on the receipt as a way of maintaining customer relations. The box on the bottom allows for you to craft a customized message for your tracked customers.

Email Receipt Options

The receipt printing option is not yet functional on AccuPOS 2013.