Sales Tax Setup

This screen is where your POS taxes are set (state, local, etc).

One or more taxes (“Tax Authorities”) are assigned to a master Tax Code, as seen in the top table.

Your business may need more than one tax code if, for instance, you have a store/restaurant in another state.

pos sales tax codes setup

Make sure you know all your applicable taxes: names (“authorities”) and percentages (“rates”).

Create a new Tax Code ID: In the Create New field, type in POS TAX (or whatever name you see fit), a longer description (if necessary) and press the Enter key on your keyboard.

The Tax Code ID will need to be populated with at least one Tax Authority. To create a new Tax Authority:

• Enter its ID in the Create New field. This is usually a short name, such as CA for California State Tax, CITY for City Tax, etc.
• Enter a more descriptive name in the Authorities Name field, such as California State Tax, etc, if necessary.
• Enter the Rate of the Tax, which is a percentage number.
• Enter the General Ledger (“GL“) Account that the tax is linked to in your accounting system.

Repeat the process as many times as necessary if your area has more than one applicable tax.

Press the Save & Close button once you are finished.