Set Discounted Price Off Sale Button – QuickBooks

Creating a Set Discounted Price Off sale button is initiated in QuickBooks, then the button is made in AccuPOS Management.

The result will be a button on the POS screen such as $1 Off or $5 Off which when clicked will apply a discount to the entire transaction.


In QuickBooks, go to Lists  Item List. The Item List window appears.

quickbooks pos item list


Click on Item  New. The New Item window appears.

quickbooks pos new item


In the Type dropdown, select "Non-inventory Part".

In the Item Name/Number and Description fields, put in a descriptive name, "$5 Off" in this case.

In the Price field, put in the discount as a negative number. In this case, $5.00 is -5

In the Tax Code field, select "Non"

Press the OK button to close the window..

quickbooks set price discount settings


Make sure your AccuLINK Adapter is open and properly connected.


In the AccuPOS Management top menus, go to File > Import Items from Accounting to update AccuPOS with your your new sale item.

management import new items


Select the Set POS Keys button, or go to Manage > Main Screen Keys on the dropdown menus.

management set pos keys


Find the discount by typing "Off" into the search box and clicking the Search button.

Once you have found it, right-click and hold the listing (in blue below) with your mouse and drag the listing to an appropriate spot on the POS field on the right.

The area where you choose to put the key must have an empty space. To place the listing in the chosen area, simply release the mouse button.

management discount key setup


The discount button will be placed on the POS screen with the text already set.

IMPORTANT: In the area below, press the Button Type dropdown and select Sale Discount.

management discount set key type


Click the Save & Close button on the bottom right.

management key setup save close

STEP 10:

The button is now all set and ready to be used on the POS.

If the POS was currently open when the discount was created, you will need to restart AccuPOS so it can find the new button.

At the POS, simply add whichever items are on the transaction, and press the discount key.

The discount will be shown on the item list and reflected in the transaction total.