Setting Up Customers

In Importing Inventory / Customers, we imported customers into AccuPOS. These customers can be viewed at any time by looking inside AccuPOS Management. Also, new customers can be added from AccuPOS and existing customers may be edited as well.

To view the current customers:

  1. Go to Manage Manage Customers List.

    setup customers menu

  2. The Customer Search window appears displaying a list of all the current customers. Use the scroll bar on the right to view the entire list. The list is organized alphabetically by the Customer code, which is the left column.

    The Customer code may include their name, and is searchable by inputting a name (or just part of a name) in the top left Search field using either the onscreen keyboard, or an attached keyboard.

    You can select an individual customer and view their history by clicking the History button, or edit their info by clicking Edit.

    customer search select

Customers can be added directly into AccuPOS Management. Keep in mind that customers added into Management must have an invoice attached to them before they are imported back into the accounting software.

To add a customer:

  1. In the the Customer Search window, click the Add New button on the right of the screen. The Add New Customer window appears.

    add new customer screen

  2. Only the Customer code (top left field) is mandatory. All other fields for that customer (company name, address, email, etc) are optional, and should be filled out at as needed. The buttons on the right are as follows:

    Taxable / Non-taxed: select this toggled checkbox if the customer is taxable, or tax exempt.

    History: ignore for now, this will show any purchases linked to this customer.

    Discount: opens the Customer Discount window, which allows you to select what kind of discount they get.

    add new customer discounts screen

    Cancel: cancels the new customer entry. Whatever information you have put in will not be added to the customer ilst.

  3. Click Save & Close when you’re finished.