Tracking the Availability of an Item

AccuPOS allows the tracking of availability at the Point of Sale for specified items. When the availability gets down to zero, a popup at the Point of Sale will inform the cashier that the item trying to be sold is very low on quantity and to double check the availability.

This is very useful in the restaurant industry when selling items that usually have a limited quantity, such as a lobster special.

To set the availability limit:

  1. In the Items Management Screen, click the check mark in the Track Availability box (you may have to use the bottom scroll bar to roll to the right to find it).

    pos management track availability

  2. The item quantity will then be reduced whenever the item is sold. Once it reaches zero, there will be a popup at the Point of Sale. Bear in mind that the popup will still allow the selling of the item. If an item does not need to be tracked anymore, simply uncheck its check box.