Units of Measure (UOM)

Units of Measure (or UOM) enables the selling of one item to reduce the amount on hand of another item. For example, you sell both bottles and glasses of wine. If four glasses of wine equals a bottle of wine, AccuPOS can remove .25 bottles of wine for every glass of wine sold at the Point of Sale. This can be extremely useful when it times come to order more bottles of wine.

NOTE: You must be running at least the Platinum Version of AccuPOS to use the Units of Measure feature.

To set up Units of Measure:

  1. In the Items Management Screen, select an item that, when sold, will pull quantity from a different item and double-click the blank space in it’s UOM column (you may have to use the bottom scroll bar to roll to the right to find it).

    management uom menu

  2. The Units of Measure window will appear. The top two fields, Item Code and Item Description, will already be filled in. Click the Lookup button and your item list will appear.

    management uom setup

  3. Go through the item list and select the item to pull quantity from and hit Select.

    management uom quantity

  4. Enter the amount of quantity to be pulled in the field on the right. Here, 4 Glasses of Cab Sauv equal one Bottle in your inventory. Click OK when finished.

    management uom set quantity

  5. When the sales for the day are transferred into accounting, the quantity on hand for the stocking item will be reduced by the amount specified whenever the chosen item is sold. In this example, if you have glasses of wine pull .25 from the bottle and you sell two glasses, when those sales are imported into accounting, .5 will be pulled from the quantity on hand for the bottle of wine.