Setting Up POS User Groups

When first installed, AccuPOS only has one user name, ‘Admin‘. The default password is ‘apadmin‘. You may create new users and also change the default password for the Admin username. Creating different users is a good way of tracking who is ringing in transactions.

New users can also be given certain permissions on the AccuPOS software, such as the ability to reset tills, change prices on items, or void sales. Just as users can be given permissions for functions at the Point of Sale, they can also have permissions revoked.

Permissions available to AccuPOS users:

  1. Add/Delete Items: Allows the creation and deletion of items inside AccuPOS Management. By default, no user group is given this permission. AccuPOS strongly discourages adding and deleting items from the AccuPOS Management program.

  2. Add/Edit Cash Tills: Allows the creation, changing, or deletion of the current cash tills.

  3. Add/Edit Taxing Authorities: Allows the creation, changing, or deletion of the Taxing Authorities setup within AccuPOS. Changing this information could seriously affect your ability to collect tax at the Point of Sale.

  4. Add/Edit User Groups: Allows the creation, changing, or deletion of user group, including granting and removing permissions.

  5. Add/Edit Users: Allows the creation, changing, or deletion of users within the Point of Sale. This includes the password information for users.

  6. Change Customer Information: Allows the editing of customer information from the Point of Sale.

  7. Change Items: Allows the editing of items within the Point of Sale. Editing items could cause an issue when trying to export the sales information into accounting if the items do not match anything in the inventory list.

  8. Change Prices: Allows the changing of prices at the Point of Sale.

  9. Change System Settings: Allows the editing of system settings at the Point of Sale, including what printer to print to and also what merchant service the Point of Sale is assigned to.

  10. Clear Cash Tills: Currently not used.

  11. Clear Data Files: Allows the user to clear inventory files, sales files, or customer files in Management.

  12. Exit the Point of Sale Program: Allows the user to close down the Point of Sale program.

  13. Export Files: Allows the sending of sales sequences to accounting.

  14. Food Service Comps (for restaurants and bars only): Allows the user to comp items at the Point of Sale while in Food Service mode.

  15. Import Files: Allows the user to import items and customers into the AccuPOS Management.

  16. Make Returns: Allows the user to take returns at the Point of Sale.

  17. Make Sales: Allows the user to ring in items and complete transactions at the Point of Sale. By default, this permission is given to all User Groups.

  18. Make Voids: Allows the user to void items from a transaction.

  19. Manage: Allows the user to log into the Point of Sale to enable a function that the current user is not granted, such as a void.

  20. No Sale: Allows the opening of the drawer without tendering a transaction.

  21. Read Cash Tills: Allows the user to run X reports.

  22. Reset Cash Tills: Allows the user to run Z reports.

  23. Settle (Close) Credit Card Batches: Currently not used.

Viewing/Editing a User Groups:


The above permissions are applied to User Groups. All users must belong to a user group, but not all user groups need to have Users assigned to them. To view the current User Groups and their permissions:

  1. Go to Manage Users And Security, or click the Users & Security icon on the management screen.

    pos user groups menu

  2. The User Groups window appears. Select the desired User Group (here we have selected the MANAGER group) in the Group box (top left).

    Once selected, the current permissions available to that user group appear in green the permissions box (top right).

    user groups setup screen

  3. To add a specific permission to that user group, simply select the desired permission in the permissions box. It will indicate that it is active by turning green. To remove a specific permission from that user group, click that permission once more to deselect it.

  4. When you’re done making changes, click Save & Close (bottom right).

  5. IMPORTANT: any changes made to User permissions, both adding rights and revoking rights, will require a restart of the Point of Sale program.

Depending on your type of business, some of your user groups may be Admin, Manager, Supervisor, Bartender, Server and Clerk.

These range from basic to full access to the AccuPOS features.

Also, new groups can be created at any time:

Adding User Groups:

  1. The User Groups window, select the ‘Create New’ field and type in a new Group name. Then click the New button on the right.

    user groups create new

  2. The new group will be created (it drops to the bottom of the list), but has no permissions set. You will need to set its permissions by clicking on the permissions box on the right.

  3. You can continue making as many more User Groups as needed. To delete a User Group, simply click the remove button to its right. You will be asked to confirm the deletion. When you’re done, click Save & Close (bottom right).

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