Setting Up Users

These are instructions for setting up individual users (employees) for your POS system.

To add and edit users, you should already be familiar with User Groups. If not, click here for instructions on User Groups.

User Groups are used to determine what permissions Users have when logging into the AccuPOS either at the POS station or Management.

AccuPOS must have at least one user with full permissions, usually called the Admin user.

The admin has full access to AccuPOS, including the ability to Z-out the registers and Import inventory into AccuPOS.

New users can be added without full access to the program (for example, certain servers/cashiers may not need the rights to void items or cancel a sale).

For that, they would need their own specific Username to log in as.

To create a new user:

  1. Go to Manage Users And Security, or click the Users & Security button on the management screen.

    pos user groups menu

  2. The User Groups window appears. In the Users box (the bottom box), select the Create New field and type in a new User name.

    Then set the password. It is recommended that passwords are only numbers, as the POS has a numerical password input.

    Select which Group they belong to in the User Group dropdown, and click the New button on the right.

    The new User will then be created (it drops to the bottom of the list).

    In the below example, we’ve created a new User whose name is Sabrina, who is a Manager with a password of 121212.

    add pos user

    Below are the various specifications for Users. Only the first three (User Name, Password and User Group) are mandatory.

    User Name: this MUST be assigned. Usually an employee’s first name, or first and last name if you have many employees. Each User Name must be individiual – no two users may use a common.

    Passwords: these MUST be assigned to each user. Each password must be different (no two users may use a common password). You may wish to keep track of each User’s password elsewhere on paper on a secured computer document. If a User’s password gets forgotten, the Admin (or someone else with ‘Add/Edit Users’ permission) can reset the password at any time. Note: if the default admin account’s password is changed, when AccuPOS Management is launched, you will be prompted to enter a password to proceed with opening the program.

    User Groups: this MUST be assigned to each user.

    Auto Till: (optional) automatically sets a till to a user anytime that user logs into AccuPOS.

    Single Till: (optional)

    Server ID: (optional)

    Idle Logout Time: (optional) automatically logs the user out after a certain amount of idle time, using a number of seconds. Leave this number zero if the user should not be auto-logged out.

  3. You can continue making as many more Users as needed. To delete a User, simply click the ‘Remove’ button to its right. You will be asked to confirm the deletion. When you’re done, click Save & Close (bottom right).