Web Reports


This guide assumes that AccuServer is already installed on the Computer.

  1. Open AccuServer.cfg from C:\Accuserver folder
  2. Add the “Net Report Server Module”.

    <Module CompanyId=XXXX StationId=XXXX>DataHandlers.NetReportServer</Module>

    CompanyID = Can be found in GoldMine under “Tech Tab”.

    StationID = This is user defined field. This will indicates store location (Los Angeles, for example)

    pos reoprts server setup

  3. Save and Close AccuServer.cfg.
  4. Open Port 10000

How to Access Web Reports

Web reports can be access on any computer that is connected to the internet.

  1. Open Internet Browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome…)

  2. Go to http://reports2.accupos.com

  3. Enter your supplied CompanyID and Password and press login.

pos web reports login <br /