X Reports (POS Sales Information During Shift)

The X Report is designed to give you a snapshot view of the sales that have been collected on a certain till and sequence at the moment in time that you hit the X button. This can be pressed at any point during the sales day, as many times as you like, even if the till is open.

To perform an X report from AccuPOS Management:

  1. Go to Tills Read Till X, or click the the X out icon on the management page.

    pos x-out menu

  2. Select the desired till on the menu that appears.

    x out choose till

  3. The report is generated. You may choose to print out this report, or simply close the window after reviewing. The report displays the cash that should be in the till, the sales for the day so far and the amount of time that the till has been open, plus other pertinent information.

    pos x report