Z Reports (End of Shift or Day)

The Z Report is designed to end the shift and stop taking sales on a particular till. To perform a Z report from AccuPOS Management, first make sure there are no open transactions for the till to be reset, and the till is logged out.

To perform a Z Report on a till:

  1. Go to Tills Reset Till Z, or click the Z out icon on management page.

    z report management menu

  2. Select the desired till on the menu that appears.

    z-out choose till

  3. Including the initial starting cash, use the cash calculator to count the amount on money in the drawer (or manually count the cash and enter the total in the Total field). If you take checks as well as cash, the ending cash would be the combination of those two tendering totals. Click the Z out button.

    z-out cash calculator

  4. A Z Report is generated. This Till is now reset and all sales numbers will be back to zero. For more information on resetting the tills, please refer to your specific Accounting End of Shift/Day guide (Peachtree, QuickBooks).

    point of sale z report