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AccuPOS 2013 Upgrade

IMPORTANT: if you are using AccuPOS 2010 or earlier you MUST speak to a representative to perform the upgrade properly!

Please call us at 888-265-4767 so we can walk you through the update.

Before installing the upgrade, you must reset (Z-Out) all tills, and update your accounting software with sales information. Once AccuPOS is upgraded, you may not be able to regenerate old sales information to your accounting software. Sales history reports such as reset, item sold, or transaction detail reports may still be available.

 Step 1: Backup!

For safety purposes it is very important that you back up your database. To do this, open management and press the backup button on the top left of the menu bar. You will need to close all your POS stations before backing up.

 Step 2: Update the software

Right-Click & "Save Link As…" THIS DOWNLOAD LINK.

This will download AccuPOS2013.exe (33 Mb) to your desktop or downloads folder.

Please make sure that ALL AccuPOS software is closed, including AccuPOS Management, AccuPOS Point of Sale, AccuPOS Remote Printing and WASP Labeler.

Double-click the file to install; it should take 60 seconds or less.

You will need to install the upgrade on every computer that has either Management or AccuPOS Point of Sale installed on it, so we suggest that you copy the file in a shared folder that all computers have access to, then copy the installer file to each computer and install it.

The folder that the AccuPOS.mdb database resides in may be a good choice, or you could use a USB thumb drive if that is convenient, although keep in mind that some computers and POS stations do not have conveniently located USB ports.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Start AccuPOS Management first before starting the Point of Sale program!

Starting Point Of Sale first after an upgrade may damage your database.

 Step 3: Importing Keys

To take advantage of the latest features, you will have to import the new on-screen keys:

  1. Go into AccuPOS Management. In the top menu go to Setup     Import Keys, and select Yes

  2. Make sure ONLY ‘System Keys’ is checked!

  3. Then press the Import Keys button

 Step 4: Registration

Changing from one version to another requires registering AccuPOS again using the same serial number.

  1. In the AccuPOS Management window, click ‘Help‘ on the very top menu bar.

  2. Click on Register.

  3. Click on “Register Online

  4. You will be asked to confirm your company’s information. Click “Yes” to proceed.

  5. You will get a message "Company information updated".

 Step 5: Select Business Type

AccuPOS allows the Find Save order to be tailored to the business needs. From every Point Of Sale station, hold CtlAltS and select Food Service or Retail depending on your business type. For food service that require table management select the Table Service check box.

You are DONE! We recommend that you start the Point of Sale and process a transaction to make sure everything is working properly.

AccuLINK Adapter Update

 Step 1: Download the AccuLINK Adapter Update

Right-Click & "Save Link As…" THIS DOWNLOAD LINK to your desktop. This will download AccuLINK2014.exe (18 Mb)

 Step 2: Close the AccuLink Adapter
  1. Right-click the AccuLINK Icon on the task bar and select “Exit”.

  2. A Program Exit Warning window will appear, Select Yes.

 Step 3: Install the AccuLINK Adapter update

Double-click the AccuLINK2014.exe installer file on your desktop to install.

Remote Printing Module

 Download & Install the Remote Printing Module

Right-Click & "Save Link As…" THIS DOWNLOAD LINK to your desktop. This will download RemoteUpdate.exe (5 Mb)

Double-click the RemoteUpdate.exe installer file on your desktop to install.

AccuSHIFT Update

 Step 1: Locate your current version of AccuSHIFT
  1. Open AccuSHIFT Management.

  2. Your Version Number can be found at the top left hand corner.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are currently running version 1.94 or higher, there is no need to run this update!

 Step 2: The AccuSHIFT Update
  1. Make sure AccuSHIFT Management is closed before running update

  2. Download the update by right-clicking and saving this link, preferably to your desktop (it may also go to your downloads folder, which is under C:/Users/…)

  3. Double-click the downloaded and select the “Run” button to install the update.


AccuCOUNT Update

AccuCOUNT Inventory is not available for evaluation purposes. Only download if you have a valid serial number.

AccuCOUNT Update
AccuCOUNT Full Install


Archived Downloads

AccuPOS Point of Sale 2012 (Revision 13.25)

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AccuPOS Point of Sale 2010 (Revision 11.83)

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