Adding Tips

At the end of your shift (or perhaps during, if there is time), you will need to add the tips from the shift’s orders.

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Please note that you will need to use any signed credit card slips that customers gave you tips on.

Adding Tips for User

While not currently in a transaction, select the Shift Tab and press the Add Tips for [your name] button.


A list appears of the transactions during the shift. Match up the transaction numbers from the receipts with the transaction numbers on the list buttons.

In this example, we’ll select the first button, transaction number 11883 for $37.42


• Using the on-screen keys (or attached keyboard, if there is one), enter the customer’s tip amount. The total automatically populates on the right.

• Press the Process Card button to finalize the transaction.

Repeat the process as many times as necessary until all the proper tips are entered.


Adding Tips for All Users

The Add Tips for All Users button is identical in function to the Add Tips for User Button, except ALL the servers appear in the list, not just the current user.

This is useful if you need to assign a manager or other employee to enter the tips.