Attach a customer to an Order

Customers who are already in your database can easily be attached to a transaction. This ensures proper tracking, invoicing and applies any discounts they might be awarded.

NOTE: to attach a customer, at least one of their items must be entered (or you can attach them once all their items have been entered).

Step 1:
Select the Checktab, then press the Customer button:


• The Customer Lookup screen will appear:



Step 2:
Search for the customer in your database. There are two ways to search for a customer:

1. PARTIAL SEARCH: in the orange box, input any information you may have from the customer (usually a telephone number, but can also be
  a name, company name or address, etc) and press the Search button. A list of customers fitting that criteria will appear.

2. SEARCH ALL: leave the orange box blank and press the Search button. A list of ALL your customers will appear.

Step 3:
Once you have found the customer in the list, select them and press the Select Customer button on the right of the screen:



The customer is now attached to the transaction. If you need to view the name of the customer, it is viewable in the Check tab:

The customer will receive any discounts automatically set for them and their name will appear on the receipt.