Changing the Order ID

• During your shift, saving and opening checks will be an important part of your work flow.

• To help with the process, you can choose to name the check with an actual customer’s name or company name, instead of using just the 5-digit number which is automatically assigned.

NOTE: that this button will read as “Change Table” if your restaurant is set up to keep track of tables. Click to view instructions for Changing Tables.

Step 1:
At any time during the transaction (or you may have to open the check with the Load Order button in the receipt window), select the Check Tab, then select the Change Order ID button.


By default, each check is issued a default Order ID number that is 5 digits long.



Step 2:
Using the on-screen keyboard (or attached keyboard if you have one), input a proper name for the order and press the Save button.

You can also press the Save/Print button, which will save the order and print a receipt of all the current items on the order to the attached receipt printer.