Editing an Item

You may need to change certain aspects of a customer’s item- adding another choice, making the item to go, voiding the item, etc.

To view the editable possibilites of an item, simply select it in the receipt window once it has been entered:


The Edit Item screen appears

This is a list of available ways that an item can be edited.


Each of the functions is explained below:

Deleting a Choice
Editing Choices for an Item
Changing the quantity of an item
Changing the price of an item
Voiding (Deleting) an Item
Comping an Item
Changing an Appetizer to an Entree
Making an Item Dine In or Take Out
Changing the Seat Number of an Item

Deleting a Choice

In the event that a customer orders a choice, then requests that choice to be removed:

Simply select the “X” to the right of the choice. You wil be prompted to confirm the deletion.


Editing Choices for an Item

To change a choice, you will need to remove the choice by selecting the “X” to its right, then add a new choice (see below)..

To add a choice to an item which is already in the list, just select the item name on the receipt panel, in this case it’s “Turkey Sandwich”.

A new page appears which allows you to modify details of that item. In this case, we’ll select the top modifier, “Add Choice“. Then the choice screen will appear and you can select the customers new choice.




Changing the QUANTITY of an item


If a customer or table wants to change the quantity of an item, simply press the quantity button and change the quantity number using the number pad that appears. Note that the number allows for decimal points if you are serving an item’s quantity using weight, such as Frozen Yogurt.



Changing the PRICE of an item

Price: If the price needs to be adjusted, select the price button and change the price amount accordingly using the number pad that appears.



Voiding (Deleting) an Item

If a customer decides to cancel an item, press void item and it will disappear from the receipt panel.



Comping an Item

If you need to comp (compensate) an item for a customer, you must first save the order by pressing the Save (and send) button:


Save the order with an appropriate Order ID, or save the order to a table if your restaurant is set up that way.

Once the order is saved, select the item in the receipt window, then select Comp Item and choose the appropriate reason from the list appears.



The item will remain in the receipt window, but it’s price will be reduced to $0.00.

NOTE: you need to have the proper permissions to comp an order, which is set by your manager in AccuPOS Management.

Changing an Appetizer to an Entree

If a customer wishes to be served an appetizer as an entree (so the chef knows to make it at the same time as the entrees), press the Appetizer/Entree bar. The current status of the item is shown in white.




Making an Item Dine In or Take Out

If a customer needs the current item set as take out (also known as to go), press the Dine In / Take Out bar to change the item’s status so the chef knows to make it as a take-out. The current status of the item is shown in white.

This also works in reverse if a customer would like several items for take out but would like one item to eat while they wait, then you would set this to dine in.



Changing the Seat Number of an Item

If you are assigning seats to a table, and an item needs to be set to another seat, use the + and buttons to select which seat the item gets assigned to. The item will be shifted to the new seat in the receipt window.

Here we had the Turkey Sandwich on Seat 2, the selected the “-” button and assigned it to Seat 1.