Sending a ‘Fire’ ticket to the kitchen

If you keep track of tables, you may find it necessary to let the kitchen staff know when to start cooking a particular table’s main course. This is done by logging into a POS station, pressing the Fire button and selecting the proper table.


With no order loaded, select the Load Order button. Or you can select the Print a Check… button on the Check Tab.



STEP 2a:
   – select the Fire button
   – select the table that needs to be cooked from the table map. You may need to select another room, here shown as Bar (selected), Main and Patio.
   – the ticket should print to the remote kitchen printer, indicating “Fire” and the table number.



STEP 2b:
You can also choose to view the tables in a list. To do so, select the List View button.


Then press the Fire button and select the proper table from the list. The ticket should print to your remote kitchen printer.