Logging In and General Layout

Our Point of Sale system features a powerfully simple layout, and it takes only a few minutes to learn the basics. Here is a quick overview of how the main sections are set up.

On the screen image below you will see that our POS is divided into two main sections: the receipt window on the left, where entered items are listed and allow for editing and deleting, and the tabs section on the right, which itself is sectioned into tabs similar to a web browser.

These tabs handle the four general categories of activities you will be doing while taking customers orders and payments, and are labelled Menu, Check, Payments and Shift.

Table of Contents


Logging In

To log in, select the AccuPOS Point of Sale icon on your device’s desktop:


This will open the Login Screen where you input in your POS code, a short series of numbers that should have been supplied by your manager.

For security purposes, be sure and not let any customers or unauthorized employees to know your POS code, it is specific to you.

Once you input your code, press the Login button. This brings up the point of sale program’s default screen, which is the Menu Tab.



The Menu Tab

The AccuPOS Menu Tab (below) is divided into two sections: its Menu Section Navigation Buttons and the actual Menu Items.

Detailed information is available here.



The Check Tab

The Check Tab (below) is used to modify certain aspects of a customer’s check.



The Payments Tab

The Payments Tab (below) is used to process the customer’s payment.



The Shift Tab

The Shift Tab (below) is used to access certain information, reports and functions for receipts, tips, shifts.



Logging Out

NOTE: You may need proper permission to log out of your POS (ask your manager).

Additionally, you must not currently be in the middle of a transaction.

• Select the Shift Tab

• Press the Logout button.


For security purposes, the POS may be set to automatically log out the user after a pre-set time limit (ask your manager).

The Android Device Menu Bar:

When using AccuPOS on an Android tablet or phone, you will see a row of icons either above or below the AccuPOS program, or in some cases the buttons may be part of the device itself.

The actual look of the icons usually differ from device to device, but they always signify the same functions: Back, Home, Search and Menu

The Android’s Menu button (usually marked by 3 parallel lines) has a direct use with AccuPOS. Pressing this button will bring up a small menu used for setting up the device as well as a few other features. The Back button also works for some functions.