The Menu Tab

AccuPOS is specifically designed to be as user-friendly as possible, with a minimum of training needed. The functionality and layout for both the PC and Android versions are the same, so all of our instruction manuals apply to both unless specifically noted as otherwise.

Table of Contents

Navigating the Menus

The top two rows (in red below) of the AccuPOS menu tab are for navigating around your menu’s sections. The button names, color and layout will be already set up by your company’s manager and are specific to your restaurant.

Simply select a button and the menu items will instantly change to show that section’s items.



Be sure to get familiar with the layout of your navigation buttons, as the AccuPOS support team works with your manager to make sure the buttons and menus are thoughtfully laid out.

Please Note: menus allow for submenus that are among the item buttons (see Kid’s Sandwiches in red below). The submenus usually contain groups of items that are less common than the ones on the main navigation buttons.



Entering Items

To enter an item, simply press that item’s button. Depending on the item selected, this will trigger one of two results:

RESULT #1. If the item does NOT have choices, the item will simply appear in the receipt window on the left.

In the example below, we selected an order of Nachos as an appetizer. Note that the Take Cash button and Save (and send) buttons are updated (more info on those later).




RESULT #2. If the item DOES have choices, (like a Turkey Sandwich would) the item’s corresponding choice menu will appear.


See the next section:

Designating Choices for an Item

Like the item menus, the choice menus are thoughtfully set up, so similar items are grouped together. AccuPOS also allows for buttons to act as just label names (pressing them does nothing), as with the Bread Type, Spread and Toppings headings below:



As you can see in the above example, we pressed the Turkey button in the sandwiches menu, then selected the choices of White Bread, Spicy Mustard and Tomato.

Note the four buttons on the bottom row. The middle two Back and More display more choices that may not be visible on the current screen.

When you are done with adding choices, select the Done button on the bottom right.


Writing Custom text directions for an Item

Sometimes a customer wants a choice for one of their items that is simply not going to be one of the usual choices. For this example we’ll have a customer who would like the bun on their Turkey Sandwich toasted “very dark”; this will have to be entered as text so it prints on the cook’s order ticket.

1. Select the Add Text button on the bottom row of the items’ choices menu



2. Simply type the custom text using the on-screen keyboard (or attached keyboard if you have one on your PC) and click the Done button when finished.