Saving and Loading Orders if You Use Tables

If your restaurant does NOT keep track of tables, view your manual here. If unsure, ask your manager.

AccuPOS can be set up to either keep track of tables, or just save the orders by order number/customer name.

On the bottom left of the Receipt Window is the Load Order button, which turns into the Save (and Send) button when you are adding items to the check.

pos-menu-load-save-order-buttons (1)

If your restaurant is set up for tables:

Pressing this button will bring up a map of your restaurant’s room(s) and table names.

Different rooms are viewable by selecting their buttons on the top right, here shown as Bar (selected), Main and Patio.

You will use the table icons as buttons to save and load orders (follow the directions below on this page for complete instructions).



If your restaurant is not set up for tables:

Pressing the Load Order button will bring up a list where you can find (or save) the order, and you should follow the directions on the Saving and Loading Orders without Tables page for complete instructions).

Saving an Order for a Table

Step 1:
Enter all the items that they are ordering and select the Save (and send) button on the bottom left of the screen.

Step 2:
A new screen will appear that prompts you to select a table number (or perhaps a table name, such as “Banquet”).



The table icons show whether or not their corresponding tables currently have orders saved to them or not.



Step 3a:
If you choose a table that does not have an order on it, then the items will be saved to that table for later use (re-opening or accepting payments).

Step 3b:
If you choose a table that already has an order assigned to it, then saving the items to that table will create a separate order for that table.

You will be prompted to choose which of the table’s checks to open when you open an order from that table (see instructions below)

Loading an Order for a Table

To load an order, you must not currently be in another order. You will know this by the presence of the Load Order button in the Receipt Window.

Press the Load Order button and select the appropriate table (you will know which tables currently have orders because they won’t be greyed out.)

NOTE: if loading from a table that has more than one ticket:

When you go to open the table, you will be prompted to choose which order you need to load: