Saving and Loading orders (without Tables)

If your restaurant KEEPS TRACK of tables, view the manual for the here. If unsure, ask your manager.

AccuPOS can be set up to either keep track of tables, or just save the orders by order number/customer name.

On the bottom left of the Receipt Window is the Load Order button, which turns into the Save (and Send) button when you are adding items to the check.


If your restaurant is set up for tables:

Pressing this button will bring up a list where you can find (or save) the order. You will use the list icons as buttons to save and load orders (follow the directions below on this page for complete instructions).


If your restaurant is set up for tables:

Pressing the Load Order button will map of your restaurant’s room(s) and table numbers, and you should follow the directions on the Saving and Loading Orders with Tables page for complete instructions).

Saving an Order for a Table

Step 1:
Enter all the items that they are ordering and select the Save (and send) button on the bottom left of the screen.

Step 2:
The Order ID screen appears.

If you just press the Save button, the order will be saved as the current Order ID number, a 5 digit code which is different for every order in your restaurant.

Or you can enter a name for the order by typing an appropriate name (usually a customer’s last name) and pressing the Save button.

This name will be one the list that you choose from when re-opening the order for tendering or adding more items.


Loading an Order

To load an order, you must not currently be in another order. You will know this by the presence of the Load Order button in the Receipt Window.

Press the Load Order button and select the appropriate order from the list that appears.

NOTE: normally only the orders that YOU save appear on the list.

To view and change the orders of other servers, press the All Users button.