Logging in and out

Video Script

Logging In:

To log in, select the AccuPOS Point of Sale icon on your device’s desktop.

This will open the Login Screen where you either swipe your login card or input your security code, a short series of numbers you have chosen, or supplied to you by your manager.

For security purposes, be sure and not let any customers or employees know your code, it is specific to you.

Once you input your code, press the Login button. This brings up the point of sale.

Logging Out:

It is best practice to log out before you leave the station to prevent others from processing transactions using your name.

Also, your system may be set to automatically log you out after a brief period of inactivity. To manualy log out of the P.O.S., make sure you are not in the middle of an order and press the “Shift” tab.

Selecting “Logout” will log you out and display the Login screen, where you or anyone else can log in at a later time.