Overview of the Interface

Video Script

This is a brief overview of the AccuPOS Interface. Upcoming tutorial videos will explain the various sections and functions in further detail.

AccuPOS is set up with a Receipt Window on the left, and a tabbed section on the right.

The Receipt Window is where an order’s items are listed. It’s also where you accept cash as payment, and save or load an order.

The four tabs allow for quick access to the functions you may need to do during your shift.

The Menu Tab can be used to apply items to the transactions, and is divided into two sections: the Menu Section Navigation Buttons, and the actual Menu Items.

The Check Tab can used to modify certain aspects of a customer’s check, such as changing guest count, specifying Dine and Take out, and other functions.

The Payments Tab can be used to view the transaction total, tax, and manually select the tender types.

The Shift Tab can be used to make changes to your shift, run reports and add tips.