Selling Items

Video Script

This is an overview of the AccuPOS menu tab. The top two rows of the AccuPOS menu tab are for navigating around your pages.

Simply select a button and the menu items will instantly change to show that section’s items.

Note that there may be additional menus that are nested among the item buttons.

Here we have a page of bottled wines that is only accessible from the Bar page.

Entering Items

To apply an item to  an order, simply press that item’s button. The item will appear in the Receipt Window on the left.

Continue browsing through the menus and apply items as needed.

Entering, Editing and Deleting Choices (Preparation Instructions)

Some of the items on you rmenu may require preparation instructions.

To add a choice to an item, simply press it’s corresponding button.

There may be additional choices available using the two navigation buttons on the bottom.

If a customer requests a choice that does not appear on the choice buttons, select the “Add Text” button and type in a proper description, then click the “Done” button.

When you have finished entering preparation instructions, select the “Done” button, which will bring you back to the Menu tab.

To delete and item’s choice, simply press its corresponding “X” icon.

If you need to add a choice to an item that has already been input, simply select that item on the Receipt Window and press the “Add Choice” button.

Please note that choices cannot be modified once a transaction has been saved, as the preparation instructions have already been sent.

If you do need to modify or delete an item after the order has been saved, you may need a manager’s approval.

If your system is NOT set up to automatically load preparation instructions, select the item and click on “Add Choice” to bring up the choices screen.