Splitting Checks

Video Script

AccuPOS features a fast and simple process for splitting checks. With the order loaded, press the “Check” tab and select “Split Check”.

In the Split Check window you will see “Check #1” on the left, and “Check #2” on the right.

To move an item from one check to another, simply select it and touch anywhere in the blank area of the target check.

You can also touch on the target check’s name if there is no blank space available.

To add a third check, press the “Next Check” button and repeat the process for moving items.

Additionally, items can be brought from the second check to the third check by placing them temporarily on check #1.

This process can be repeated for as many checks as the table needs, and the counter on the top right keeps track of the current number of checks.

Press the “Done” button when you have finished.

The checks will be split and saved to the original table. In this example, here is the original chack, the second check, and the third check.