Attaching a Customer to an Order

Video Script

If you keep track of customers, press the “Check” tab and select the “Customer” button before you complete the transaction.

On the “Customer” screen, you can either search for an existing customer, or add a new one.

The fastest way to find a customer is to enter some of their information in the orange field and pressing “Search”.

The information can be all, or part, of their name, telephone number, company or address.

For instance, if you are searching for a customer with the last name McAllister, you could simply type in the letters “mca”.

Pressing search will bring up any names that have those letters in them.

The same process works for phone numbers, company names, and any other information specific to that customer.

Once you have found the customer, select it in the list and press the “Select Customer” button.

The attached customer will be displayed on the check tab.

You may also press the “Edit” button if you need to change or update their information.

Additionally, you can keep the orange field blank and press the search button to view ALL of the customers in your database, but we do not recommend doing so, as it may take extra time to load your entire database.

If you need to add a new customer, press the “Add New” button.

A screen will appear where you can input the new customer’s information.

Please note that the only required field is their “Customer Code”.

The customer code can be a name, telephone or account number, or any alphanumeric system that works best for your company.

Just keep in mind that each customer code must be unique; you cannot assign a code to more than one customer.