Entering a Credit Card Number

Video Script

If a customer is paying with a credit card, you may swipe the card once you are done applying items to the transaction.

The POS will recognize the type of card that is being used, and automatically fill in the amount due.

If you are unable to swipe the card, you may enter the card manually by pressing the “Payments” tab and selecting “Enter Credit Card Number”.

This will bring up the “Process Card” screen where you will need to enter the customer’s card number and expiration date.

Remember that the expiration date is input as four digits: two for the month, and two for the year.

When you are done inputting the card’s information, you can change the payment amount if necessary. Then, press the “Process Card” button.

This will process the card and print out the necessary slips for the customer to sign.

Once a payment has been applied, you will be brought back to the main menu.

If the payment you applied was less than the amount due, the transaction will stay open and the balance due will be displayed.

If you tendered the exact amount or more than the amount due, the transaction will be completed and the change will be displayed.