End-of-Shift, Z and X Reports

Video Script

Three different kinds of reports are available on the P.O.S. station in the “Shift” tab.

Although similar, their differences are important:

Pressing the “End of Shift” Report prints a detailed report of the server that is currently logged in to the POS.

It should be used for when servers carry their own cash.

Pressing the “X (read)” button brings up a list of current tills to print a detailed report.

Use X-report when you are using physical tills, as this report gives a current reading of tendering totals.

It is especially applicable when your cashiers are changing shifts without clearing their tills.

To print a report, select the desired till and press the X-out button.

The “Z (reset)” report should be used when funds are being cleared out of the drawer.

To do this, select the desired till and press the Z-out button.