Adding Tips / Auto-gratuity

Video Script

To add the tips to processed credit card transactions, press the “Shift” tab and select the “Add Tips” button. Or, to add tips for all servers, select the “Add Tips for All Servers” button.

A list appears of the transactions during your shift. Match up the transaction numbers from the receipts with the transaction numbers on the list buttons, and select the transaction that needs the tip added to it.

Enter the customer’s tip amount. The total automatically populates on the right.

Then, press the “Process Tip” button to finalize the transaction. Any transactions that have tips added to them will be colored red.

Repeat the process as many times as necessary until all the proper tips are entered.

And keep in mind that tip amounts may be changed at any time up until, but not after, a Z-reset report for that shift has been performed.


Your establishment may be set up to automatically apply a gratuity for parties that have a predetermined number of guests.

Once the number of guests has reached the threshold, the auto-gratuity will be visible in the totaling section of the “Payments” tab.