About Z-out Reset Reports

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The Z-Out Reset report summarizes a till’s tendering, items sold, voids and other important information.

They should be handed to a manager and stored in a safe place in case it needs to be referenced later for accounting or auditing purposes.

The top of the report shows the till that was reset and its sequence number, which is always unique and identifies the z-out of that specific till.

The tender section shows the individual payment types and their respective totals that were tendered during the till’s shift, as well as the tendering grand total.

If your business is set up for gratuities, you’ll see tips, and the ‘net cash’, which is how much cash the server or cashier owes to the house after they’ve exchanged cash for their credit card tips.

Taxes are itemized by type, and item types sold are shown in quantity and amount with the totals of both at the bottom.

Any voids are also shown by type, quantity, payment amount, and their totals.

At the bottom you’ll see the total count numbers for transactions, credit card payments, debit card payments and either the guest count or number of checks, depending on your setup.

Also shown are the totals of both taxable and non-taxable items, and the total tender amount for the shift.