Customer Display Setup

The “Customer Display” is like a pole display that attaches to the back of a POS-X station.

View a detailed video of how to assemble the display here, or follow the basic instructions below.

Plase MAKE SURE that all hardware is powered off when assembling the display and its cables!

Step 1: Unscrew back panel
Unscrew the two screws holding the back panel in place and remove the panel. Make sure to keep the screws nearby, you will need them in a later step.


Step 2: Prepare the display
As shown below, rotate the base at a 90 degree angle and make sure the supplied connection cable is plugged in.

Step 3: Insert the display
Slide in the base of the display in to the slot in the top of the POS-X.


Step 4: Screw in the display
Attach the display using the two screws you removed earlier.


Step 5: Rotate the display to proper viewing angle.


Step 6: Attach the display’s cable to POS-X
It is very important to make sure the POS-X is powered off, and the display’s cable is inserted into the COM4 “12v” jack underneath the POS-X screen, not one of the other similar ports.

And make sure the tapered end of the cable is connected to the display side and not the computer side, or the display will not work.


Step 6: Call AccuPOS technical support at (888) 265-4767
We’ll work with you on how to properly configure the customer display with your software.