EVO Green Remote Printer Setup

The following are simplified instructions for connecting the printer to your network.

We suggest you download and read the official manual from POS-X here.

Step 1: Connect the scale to the POS-X and power.

A – Connect the CAT5 (“ethernet”) cable to the ethernet jack in the back of the EVO printer.

B – Connect the other end of the CAT5 cable to your network router.

C – Connect the power adapter to the power jack in the back of the EVO printer.

D – Plug the power adapter into an available power outlet.

Step 2: Load the paper roll

E – This is an excerpt from the user’s manual:

Step 3: Turn on the printer

The power switch is located on the left of the printer. Turn to the “|” position.

Step 4: Call us

E – Call our tech support at (888) 265-4767, we’ll guide you through the final setup stage.