Ingenico POS Credit Card Reader Manual


 This setup guide shows how to setup and configure Ingenico I6550/I6780 using AccuPOS 12.56 or higher.

 This guide assumes that AccuPOS is already and user has Admin rights on the computer.

 Ensure that the Ingenico 6550/6780 is running the following firmware version before proceeding with the setup to ensure that the
    Pin Pad works seamlessly.

  1. MNT – 5.25 or higher
  2. OS – 3.69 or higher
  3. SSA – 2.74 or higher
  4. UIA – 3.21 or higher

This information shows in the Ingenico 6550/6780 screen after the Pin Pad has been turned on.

See “Ingenico Firmware Upgrade Instruction” if any of the firmware is lower than the version indicated above.



Step 1 – Pin Pad Setup

  1. You will need to Download and install the Ingenico OPOS driver. Right-click the below link and ‘Save Target As’:

    the file to unzip (it should be either on your desktop or designated Downloads folder), then install the files by clicking the file ‘OPOS for the Ingenico iSeries.exe‘.
  2. Once the above program is properly installed, open Ingenico iSeries Setup:

    Click Start   Ingenico   OPOS for the Ingenico iSeries   Ingenico iSeries Setup.
  3. Under General Tab, change “Device Connection” Type from “Serial Port” to “USB Device (HID)

  4. Click “Apply” and “OK” to close the setup window.
  5. Plug in the Ingenico power supply to a wall outlet or power strip.
  6. Plug in the Ingenico I6550/I6780 to any USB port of the computer.



Step 2 – AccuPOS Setup

  1. Open the AccuPOS Point of Sale on the POS station.
  2. Login to AccuPOS as “Admin” user.
  3. Load the Ingenico forms by simultaneously pressing Ctrl + Alt + i keys on the attached keyboard.

     Wait until the AccuPOS Logo displays in the Ingenico Pin Pad.
  4. Set the Pin Pad Type (either i6550 or i6780) in the “AccuPOS Card Processing Setup Window”

  5. Click Save & Close.



Step 3 – Cards Setup

This step assumes that the AccuPOS.mdb is located in “C:\AccuPOS” folder. Your setup may be different.

  1. Verify that “Signatures.mdb” is in the same folder as the “AccuPOS.mdb
  2. Open Cardssetup.jar under “C:\AccuPOS” folder.
  3. Click “Login
  4. Click “Save” to close the “Credit Cards Setup Window

  5. Restart the cards application by double clicking “Install&StartCards.bat” in C:\AccuPOS folder.



Firmware upgrade Instructions

  1. Copy the EFT file from “O:\software\Ingenico\Firmware upgrade” folder to the local computer where the Ingenico 6550/6780 is connected.

    – for Ingenico 6550 Only
    • –  for Ingenico 6780 Only
  2. Extract the EFT Zip file to a folder on the PC.
  3. Ensure the device is powered on and connected to the register via USB, or RS232 port at 19200 bps.
  4. Close any applications communicating with the device.
  5. Execute “Download.bat”
  6. Please be advised of the following recommended sequences for up loading the files:
    • MNT
    • OS
    • SSA
    • UIA
  7.  Allow the unit to complete the full download
  8.  It is ready for use after it completes the initialization process and beeps
  9. The new upgrade should of cover Windows 7 as well.