POS Hand Scanner Manual


After unpacking the unit, check that all the necessary accessories are included in the package. If anything is missing, contact the dealer where you bought the printer and ask them to supply the missing part. Note that it is a good idea to keep the original box and all the packing materials just in case you need to pack the printer up and again and send it somewhere at a later date.

pos hand scanner unpacking


Parts Identification

pos hand scanner parts identification


Hardware Setup and Cable connection

Plug the male 10-pin RJ45 end of the USB PowerLink cable into the 10-pin socket on the MS3780.

Connect the PowerLink Cable to the Host Computer.

    pos hand scanner connection


Configuring Scanner (MS3780 Fusion) to AccuPOS

The MS3780 Fusion scanner is connected to the computer using USB connection and it is a plug and play device.

There are no special settings need to be configured in AccuPOS.