POS Pole Display Manual

Hardware Parts, setup and cable connections:

pole display parts

Software Setup

The “POS-X XP8200” has a USB connection. Simply plug the USB cable into an open USB port on your computer. Windows will automatically recognize that a new device has been attached.

Windows should install it automatically. If not, you will be prompted with the Found New Hardware Wizard. Select the option “Yes, this time only” and select “Next”.

Continue through the wizard until it is completed. If Windows is unable to install the driver automatically, you can insert the “driver disk” that came with the package Once the driver is installed, this will create a “Com Port” in your computer’s Device Manager.

Go to Device Manager, Click on “Startright-arrow  Right Click “My Computerright-arrow  Select “Properties

pos pole display setup

Select “Hardware” then “Device Manager”.

Note the COM Port number on the Prolific USB-to-Serial Com Port (in the below example it is “COM2”). This will be use to configure the Pole Display in AccuPOS.

pole display port number

Configuring Pole Display (POS-X XP8200) to AccuPOS

  1. First, open “POS Settings”. There are two ways to do this:

    Using AccuPOS Management:
    a. Open AccuPOS Management
    b. Click on “Setting” in Management

    Setting in Management

    Or using AccuPOS Point of Sale:
    a. Open AccuPOS Point of Sale
    b. Login with a user that has Admin rights.
    c. Press Ctrl + Alt + s

    pos password

  2. Select “Epson”, using the drop down selection under “Customer Display Type / Port”. Enter the port number that has been created during the Software setup in the box to the right (COM2, for example).

    System Settings POS pole display

  3. Create a Generic/Text Driver Printer

    Click “Start  Select “Printers and Faxes

    pole display print driver

    Select “Add a Printer” in the “Printer and Faxes” window.

    pole display add printer

    Click “Next

    pos pole display install wizard

    Select “Local Printer” and uncheck the “Automatically detect Printer”. Click “Next”.

    pos pole display local printer

    Select the “COM Port” that was used during the Software setup. Click “Next”.

    pole display com port

    Select “Generic” for the Manufacturer and “Generic/Text Only” for the Printers. Click “Next”.

    pos pole display model

    Select “No” to use the printer as a default question and Click “Next”.

    pos pole display default

    Do not share the printer. Click “Next”.

    pos pole display share

    Select “No” on print test page and Click “Next”.

    pos pole display test

    Click “Finish

    pos pole display finish

    Once the Generic/Text driver printer has been added, open the “Properties” of this printer. Right click the “Generic/Text Only” printer and select “Properties

    pos pole display printer properties

    Select the “Advanced” tab and set the Priority to “99” and select “Print directly to the printer”. Click “Apply” and “OK”.

    The pole display is now setup and ready to use.

    pos pole display print direct