POS Receipt Printer Manual

NOTE: This guide was written for hardware that is fully supported by AccuPOS Point of Sale. Setup instructions for any hardware that was not purchased from, and therefore fully supported by, AccuPOS will not be in this guide and will have to be set up separately.


After unpacking the unit, check that all the necessary accessories are included in the package.

pos receipt printer unpacking

If anything is missing, contact the dealer where you bought the printer and ask them to supply the missing part. Note that it is a good idea to keep the original box and all the packing materials just in case you need to pack the printer up and again and send it somewhere at a later date.



Parts Identification

pos receipt printer parts



Hardware Setup and Cable connection

Connecting the USB Cable to the Printer
Affix the ferrite core onto the USB interface cable and pass the cable through the cable support as shown. Then, connect the USB interface cable to the printer.
pos receipt printer connection

Connecting the USB Cable to the PC
pos receipt printer pc connection

Connecting the Power Cord

Before connecting/disconnecting the power cord, make sure that power to the printer and all the devices connected to the printer is turned off. Also make sure the power cable plug is disconnected from the AC outlet. If the voltage shown on the label on the bottom of your printer does not match the voltage for your area, contact your dealer immediately.

  1. Check the label on the back or bottom of the printer to make sure its voltage matches that of the AC outlet. Also make sure the plug on the power cord matches the AC outlet.
  2. If the power is not attached to the printer, plug the appropriate end into the AC inlet on the back of the printer.
  3. Plug the power cord into a properly grounded AC outlet.

receipt printer power cord

Loading the Roll Paper

Be sure to use roll paper that matches the printer’s specification.

  1. Push the cover open lever, and open the printer cover.
    pos receipt printer loading
  2. While observing the direction of the roll, set the paper roll into the hollow, and pull on the leading edge of
    the paper toward you.
    pos receipt printer paper
  3. Push down both sides of the printer cover to close.Make sure that the printer cover is securely closed.
    receip printer cover



Software Setup

The TSP 100 receipt printer has a USB connection. These are very easy to set up! Simply plug the USB cable into an open USB port on your computer. Windows will automatically recognize that a new device has been attached.

Windows should install it automatically. If not, you will be prompted with the Found New Hardware Wizard. Select the option Yes, this time only and select Next. Continue through the wizard until it is completed. If Windows is unable to install the driver automatically, you can insert the driver disk that came with the package.

Now the printer has been installed.

Once installed, a few settings on the printer need to be adjusted. Go to your printers and faxes window through either Control Panel or from the Start Menu directly.

IMPORTANT: your receipt printer needs to be plugged in to your computer and switched on to adjust the below settings.

  1. Right click on the Star TSP100 Cutter (TSP143) printer and select properties.

    receipt printer properties

  2. Click on the Device Settings tab. Set the FRICTION to 72mm x Receipt. Set Page Cut Type to “No Cut”. Set the Document Cut Type to “No Cut”.

    pos receipt printer settings

  3. Next, go to the General tab and then Select Printing Preferences.

    pos receipt printer preferences

  4. Then select Advanced button.

    pos receipt printer advanced

  5. Select OK three times to save your settings and exit out of the TSP 100 properties. The Paper size should be “72mm x Receipt”.

    pos receipt printer paper size

Configuring Receipt Printer (TSP 100) to AccuPOS

  1. First, open “POS Settings”. There are two ways to do this:

    Using AccuPOS Management:
    a. Open AccuPOS Management
    b. Click on “Setting” in Management

    Setting in Management

    Or using AccuPOS Point of Sale:
    a. Open AccuPOS Point of Sale
    b. Login with a user that has Admin rights.
    c. Press Ctrl + Alt + s

    pos password

  2. Click on ‘Print Driver’ button

    POS System Settings normal

  3. Select “Star TSP100 Cutter (TSP143)” from the pulldown menu. Change your font size and style, if desired. Click “OK” on the bottom right.

    POS Font Chooser Screen

  4. On Paper Cutter Codes, enter 3 for Count and in Codes: 027,100, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0

    paper cutter codes

  5. Click “Save & Close” button on the bottom right.
  6. The printer is now setup and ready to use.