POS Remote Printer Manual

Parts Identification


POS Remote Printer parts

Parts Identification

Loading the Ribbon Cartridge:

pos remote printer cable connection

Loading the Roll Paper
Be sure to use roll paper that matches the printer’s specification.

pos remote printer loading paper

Connecting the Power Cord

Note: Before connecting/disconnecting the power cord, make sure that power to the printer and all the devices connected to the printer is turned off. Also make sure the power cable plug is disconnected from the AC outlet.

  1. Check the label on the back or bottom of the printer to make sure its voltage matches that of the AC outlet. Also make sure the plug on the power cord matches the AC outlet.

  2. If the power is not attached to the printer, plug the appropriate end into the AC inlet on the back of the printer.

  3. Plug the power cord into a properly grounded AC outlet.

    pos remote printer connect power

Turning the Power ON

pos remote printer power on




Parts Identification


Software Setup
Installing the Printer Software

pos remote printer software setup

Ethernet Interface Setup Guide

Step 1 – Connect the Printer to the Router/LAN

pos remote printer ethernet connection

Step 2 – Acquire the IP Address

  1. Make sure the printer is OFF
  2. Hold down the Feed button on the printer’s control panel
  3. Turn the printer ON.
  4. The printer will start printing the test and diagnostic page. If the printer is able to acquire an IP address from your network, the second page of the test page will show the current IP Address of the printer. Keep this handy as it will be needed later on in the software setup.

    Note: If the printer did not acquire an IP Address, check your network cable to make sure it is connected properly and that your router is turned on. Check with your network specialist if you are still unable to acquire an IP Address after making sure that the router is ON and the Network cable is connected.

Step 3 – Add the Star Printer in the Printer and Faxes Window


  1. Click Start   Printer and Faxes

    pos remote printer print driver

  2. Select Add a Printer

    pos-remote printer add printer

  3. Click Next

    pos remote printer install wizard

  4. Select Local Printer and Uncheck the Automatically detect and Install my Plug and Play printers. Click Next.

    pos remote printer local printer

  5. Select LPT1, then click Next

    pos remote printer port

  6. Select Star under Manufacturer and Star SP700 Cutter (SP742) under Printer. Click Next.

    pos remote printer model

  7. Select No on to make the printer the default printer. Click Next.

    pos remote printer name printer

  8. Select ‘Do not Share this printer‘, if it’s not already selected. Click Next.

    pos remote printer share printer

  9. Select No on Print a test Page. Click Next.

    pos remote printer test page

  10. Click Finish.

    pos remote printer finish

Step 4 – Configure the Star Printer (SP742) Properties.

  1. In the Printer and Faxes window, right click the Star SP700 Cutter (SP742) printer and select Properties.

    pos remote printer configure

  2. This will display the Star Printer Properties. Click on Ports Tab and click the Add Port button.

    pos remote printer add port

  3. Select Stardard TCP/IP Port and Select New Port.

    pos remote printer tcpip

  4. The TCP/IP Printer Port Wizard will open. Click Next.

    pos remote printer port wizard

  5. Enter the IP Address and port name that was acquired on the printout in STEP 2.

    pos remote printer ip address

  6. Select Generic Network Card. Click Next.

    pos remote printer network card

  7. Select Finish to Close the Wizard.

    pos remote printer finish wizard

  8. Close the Printer Port Window.

    pos remote printer printer port

  9. Click Apply, then Close. The printer is now setup and ready to use. Please see AccuPOS Remote Printing Module Setup to setup and configure your remote printing module.

    pos remote printer-printer setup close

  10. Click for the Remote Printer Software Installation for QuickBooks and Peachtree page.