Restaurant Equipment Setup #1

POS-X, Receipt Printer & Cash Drawer


Step 1: Unpack and Arrange
Unpack all the individual hardware items and arrange them in their chosen point of sale area. A power outlet must be nearby.




Step 2: Connect the Cash Drawer to the Printer
Connect the Cash Drawer to the Printer with the RJ11 cable (the one that looks like a regular telephone cable).



Step 3: Assemble Printer power cable
Connect the 3-prong power cable to the adapter.



Step 4: Printer Power & Connection
Connect the printer & the POS-X with the USB cable and plug in the printer’s power adapter to the electrical outlet.



Step 5: Connect the POS-X Power Cables
Make sure the mini 4-prong cable is connected under the POS-X screen, connect the power cable to its base and a electrical outlet.posx-power


Step 6: Connect the POS-X to your Network

NOTE: you must supply your own ethernet cable (also known as a “CAT-5” or “Network” cable, and looks like a fat telephone cable) for each POS station’s connection to your network router.
Keep in mind that each station’s cable must be long enough to reach your network router- they are usually sold in lengths of 6, 12, 25 and 50 feet. We do not recommend using wireless connections POS-X stations.

Plug in the ethernet cable to the LAN jack at the bottom of the POS-X.

IMPORTANT: do NOT connect the network cable in to one of the four “COM” ports, those are used for other purposes!

Then plug the other end of the ethernet cable into your network router.




Step 7: Power up the Devices

Switch on the power on both the printer and POS-X


Step 8: Call us

Call AccuPOS support at (888) 265-4767 and let us know that you’ve finished setting up your hardware and need an “Initial Setup”.