Main Screen Keys Overview

Video Script

To set up and edit your point of sale screens, open Management, then click the ‘Set POS Keys’ icon in the Front End section.


The Main Screen Keys Setup is split into four general sections:


On the left is the Item List, where you will see the inventory items that you’ll be making buttons out of. Here you can list all your items or only search for certain keywords, as well as search only in the items’ description, type and code.


The bar at the top is where you add and edit your key sets if you use them, and add and choose which menu page is currently displayed.


The Button Layout Area shows a preview of what the current menu’s buttons look like, and allows you to move, delete and create new buttons. Here the top two rows are dedicated to your menu pages, and the remaining buttons below are item buttons.


The Button Editing Area is where you set each button’s particular look and function: text, size, button color, text color, type, item or page that it is attached to, and more.


Now that you are familiar with the general layout, view the next video which explains how to set menu buttons.