Editing Pages

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AccuPOS makes it easy to create, move, delete and duplicate your menu pages.

To create a new menu page, click the page dropdown and select ‘Create New’. The Edit Page menu will appear.

Type the name of the new menu into the ‘New Page Name’ field and select the ‘Change Name’ button.

To move a menu page to another key set, have it selected in the dropdown and press the ‘Edit Page’ button. The ‘Edit Page’ menu will appear.

From the dropdown, select the key set that the menu needs to be moved to, and press the ‘Move Page’ button.

To duplicate a menu page, type in a new name for the page. Or you can keep the page name as it is if you are duplicating it to another key set, which must be chosen from the dropdown menu.

Then, press the ‘Make Duplicate Page’ button.

To delete a menu page, press the ‘Delete This Page’ button. You will be prompted to confirm the deletion.