Z-out Reset a Till from Management

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Video Script

An employee’s till should be reset once they’re done with their shift, which is also known as a ‘Z-out’.

Their till can be reset from either the P.O.S. or Management; just keep in mind that any open orders must first be closed by either tendering or voiding before a reset is allowed.

To reset a till from Management, press the ‘Z-Out’ button.

You’ll see a thumbnail list showing available tills, and any tills not available for reset will be marked as having open orders.

Select the appropriate till, and input the number of pennies, nickels and so on from the till.

The denomination totals will be tallied on the right, and you’ll see the grand total at the bottom.

Once you’re finished, press then ‘Z out’ button.

You’ll be prompted to view the till’s report in a browser… or you can choose to export it to a new Excel document.